Genesis 3:4 – “But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die.”  ESV

I often call Genesis the “Seed Book of the Bible” because in the first twelve chapters you find the foundation for virtually everything taught in the remainder of the Bible.  If one were to get a good handle on those chapters I am confident that much of the deception that has and does take place would be thwarted and we would see vast new doors of understanding opened to the Body of Christ.

But DECEPTION did not begin in the Garden of Eden it began before that when Lucifer convinced one-third of the angelic hosts to rebel against God.  It was through deception that this transpired.  His work in the Garden is just a continuation of his very nature and character and sadly, Adam & Eve bought what he was selling and were deceived.  Their deception not only cost them but the human race and had God not been willing to allow Jesus to come to earth and go to the Cross we’d still be in the clutches of the devil.  There is a consequence to deception because it results in actions that as Paul equates in Galatians as sowing which produces a harvest that has to be reaped whether we want to or not.

Deception comes when we fail to keep our hearts open to the Word and the Spirit of God.  It comes when we neglect our study of God’s Word and our prayer life.  It comes when we allow the flesh to rule over the spirit.  It comes when we allow the lust or carnal desires to override the spiritual directives of the Spirit and Word of God.  It comes when we become self-centered and dethrone God while elevating ourselves to the Center of our Universe as Adam & Eve did. 

In a sense Adam & Eve voted God out and voted themselves in as the supreme in their universe. As one of my friends often describes it, “They were born again backward.”  They opted to believe THE LIE rather than GOD who is TRUTH.  They opted to follow their own carnal desires and wisdom (so-called) rather than be obedient.  The fruit could have been a bridge over a stream that God said “Do not cross!”  It didn’t matter it was a matter of obedience and they disobeyed because they were deceived.

I doubt that there has been a week pass in my Christian experience that I haven’t meet and talked to someone who is in some kind of deception in some area.  That is probably applicable to me as well and as the Holy Spirit reveals to me any area of deception in my life I Immediately repent and begin diligent study to correct the error and become rightly aligned with the Word of God.  Do I have all truth?  NO!  Do I have all my doctrine right? Since I do not believe any human does, I would say NO!  

I would like to think I have it all right, but from time to time I find that something I have believed is not completely accurate. When that becomes a reality I must allow my doctrine to be modified to accommodate what God says not what I want God to say.  I do not want to be like a preacher I heard once say, “I’ve been in the ministry for 30 years and I have not changed my doctrine or my message.”  I thought I have!  

Religious rigidity to the point of being stubborn and believing you have everything totally perfect is dangerous. A person in that condition could and probably would rapidly become a Pharisee. I was one once and never want to return to that place of legalism.  I want to be like a piece of clay in the hands of the potter to be molded and shaped into whatever He desires for my life.  That has been an ongoing process and what and where I am today has evolved dramatically in some areas and remained pretty consistent in others.  I know in part and have a limited perspective but God sees everything from the beginning to the end whereas we see things from the end to the beginning.  There is a big difference!  One is foresight the other is hindsight.

So as you go through the day allow the Holy Spirit to guide your footsteps and keep your heart and mind open to and expansion of truth in your life that God chooses to bring to you.  

Blessings as you go through your day!

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