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Matthew 6:19-34

I won’t repost the entire passage as it was given in full in yesterday’s devotional.  Please reread it as we continue our journey in this consideration and pursuit of God’s revelatory truth.  We have been discussing Evidence that God occupies the Top Place in our lives and Evidence that He does not.  In that, I mentioned the order and emphasis that our Lord placed on this truth in His discourse.  Let’s begin that consideration.

It is God first and everything else follows.  He has instructed us to reject or refuse some things and receive, embrace, and pursue others.  He has given some specific actions to be taken and explains the Principles and Precepts of His teaching as well as the dangers and then explored the Victory that has been given and is to be won!

In (vv.19-20) He gives us the Order of Priorities in Life.  The focus is not your wealth or possessions (remember the Rich Ruler in the Parable of Luke 12).  He was at ease in his possessions and made plans to expand his wealth and God said, “You fool!  This very night your soul is required of you, and how who will own what you have prepared?”  The message is clear – God must be First!

In (v.21) Jesus explains the commandment.  What is most important to us will be the most sought after by us.  What is most important to us will hold our attention, love, loyalty and draw from our energy and resources.

In (vv.22-23) He gives the results of our priorities and actions.  Then in (v.24), we find the choice that each person must make.  It is God or the world.  When I hear people claim to be self-made people I chuckle because we have nothing that God did not give us if you dig to the bottom of everything.  He gave us the ability, and, in that ability, we gain what we have.  Without His gift to us, we would have nothing and could do nothing.

In (v.25) He says a most interesting thing that brings it all into focus powerfully. He said, “For this reason…”  For this reason, do the following is a clear message and liberating truth.  It is the Total Commitment of the Total Man.  That condition and position, free us from Fear, Worry, Carnal Lusts, and for God’s Purposes and Assignment.

In (v.30) we are instructed to consider God’s amazing provision and supply.  In (v.32) we are exhorted to resist worldliness and in (v.33) He gives us the solution or pathway to the Place of Perpetual Provision in Him.  We are to Seek First God’s Kingdom and Righteousness and when we do He will Provide EVERYTHING!  Jesus said in Luke 12:32 that it is our Father’s pleasure to give us the Kingdom!  What more could we ask? We have Grace and Peace as well as Provision, Promise, His Person, and Power.  Hallelujah!

God wants us to seek that which He wants to give.  He places desires in our hearts, providing we seek His face, invest ourselves in prayer and His word and then delights in fulfilling those desires in our lives.  God wants to supply and equip us for service and life.  He wants us to walk in Power, enjoy His Presence, and Manifest Him to the World.

What is the challenge?  Make God Number One in Our Lives.  When He is, there will be tangible evidence that He occupies that position as well as tangible evidence if He does not.  God wants us to have His Best!  Never, be guilty of making God an also-ran in your life.  Never make God your balm to soothe a guilty conscience.  Never make God your supermarket, genie, or candy store to provide for your whims.  Never relegate God to the status of being your Santa Claus.  Never relegate Him to being one in our list of gods.  Make Him King of Kings and Lord of Lords in our lives.  Honor and recognize Him as Lord of All, the Messiah.

To some, it would almost appear that God has died, but I’m here to tell you that He is very much Alive!   God bless you as you enjoy this day, and may the Living God become very much alive and evidenced in your life and labors!

Have a Great Day!



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