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Ecclesiastes 9:10 – “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going.”  NKJV

My father and grandfather both used to tell me, “Anything worth doing is worth giving it your all or doing it right.”  I believe that and find that the man listed as the wisest man to have ever lived aside from our Lord Jesus Christ declared, here in Ecclesiastes, that very thing.  However, he puts the twist to it that it is only while you are alive that you can accomplish anything for once you are gone you are gone, so far as accomplishing things on Earth is concerned.

I’ve worked with people in various fields of endeavors who gave it their all no matter what it was and I’ve worked with people who were half-hearted about what they did.  They put little effort into the task and produced shoddy work and results.  They took no pride in their labors and never made the commitment to own the task.  They went through the motions and it never seemed to bother them.  My attitude has always been if I am going to be involved I am going to be involved with my whole heart otherwise I’m going to bail out or refuse to be a part.

I served the devil with vigor and I serve God with greater vigor.  Oh, understand I did not realize I was serving the devil but in serving myself I was doing just that and I was the best at it I could be.  Once I became a Christian I gradually transitioned to becoming a Pharisee and became the best Pharisee I could be.  I held onto my list of rules and regulations grading or comparing everyone and everything to that list and how I stacked up against them, in my mind.  Once the Holy Spirit arrested me and made me realize that I was a Pharisee I repented and have worked with a whole heart to be a Christian free of Legalism.  I serve God with all that is in me and like most everyone else I come up short on far too many occasions.  Yet, that does not deter me and will not cause me to stop giving 100% to whatever task, the Lord places before me whether that is spiritual, social, commercial, or political.  I refuse to give less than my best.  I played sports that way, I served in Vietnam that way, and I have ministered that way and worked on secular jobs with that attitude.  Has it always been appreciated, No, but I don’t do it for the recognition of men I do what I do as unto God.

Like Job, I realize that man that is born of woman is of “few days” and truly life is filled with difficulties that must be overcome.  I realize that only in the time I have here on earth can I accomplish the purposes of God in my generation and I work while it is yet day because the night is coming when no man can work.  So, I encourage you that no matter what the task or assignment Give it Your Best!   Never give less than 100%!

May God be with you as you go through your day!

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