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Luke 21 – I ask that you read it.

Those of you that know me know that “Covenant” is a driving truth and message in my heart and I find it difficult to discuss anything spiritual without getting around to Covenant and its importance and role.  In this Chapter, Jesus is talking about the “End Times” and identifying things that will transpire.  The key verse in what I want to focus on is verse 26: “men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.” NASU

If we were going to embark on a thorough study of Covenant it would take a minimum of six to eighteen months meeting at least once a week for a minimum of an hour to study.  In that study, we would examine, in some detail, the various Covenants of God and how they relate to us today.  It is far too large a subject for me to attempt to bring any depth of understanding in our morning devotionals.  But, knowing that Covenant is the “Heart of God” for His people and the KEY to our BECOMING what He is coming back for, I must at least bring a few thoughts to the table for discussion.

What I truly want to focus on in the next few mornings is a matter that is critical for the Believer in our preparing for the Last Days Battles that we are and are going to face.  It is important that we come to an understanding of what “has” happened, what “is” happening, “who” we are, and the “time” in which we live.  We are in what I could call The Battle Before the Battle!  It is a most critical time for the world and the Body of Christ.  We must learn to “redeem” the time and “know” the time of our visitation.

Having said that, I contend that it doesn’t matter where you are in your spiritual development, this is important to and for you.  If you are a “babe” in Christ, a “seasoned” theologian, or a “fully matured” man or woman, spiritually it is important because you Cannot walk in the fullness of God’s Covenant if you do not understand the Covenant and its Foundation.

Therefore, you will find that a lot of what I am going to write is elementary.  It is Basic Christianity.  It is fundamental, foundational principles which must be understood if we are to “be” all we can be, to borrow the Army’s slogan.

Matthew 10:26-28    Jesus, instructing His disciples with regard to their mission gave them authority, power and warned them of the dangers and problems they would encounter.  He also told them “where” those dangers and problems would come and how to respond.

In our text we find in verse 36 – “… a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.”  That is important because when you examine the Greek text for the word “household” you find the root [oy-kos] or family (kin).  It has a far-reaching possible meaning which could include the spiritual family as well as the natural family.  So, the attack may come from the local church, the Denomination, the particular persuasion, sect, tradition, or group.  There will be no loyalty, no covenant.  It will be an example of life with Self as the Center rather than Christ as the center!

Most of us have been taught that the devil’s greatest weapon is creating doubt, but I want to suggest that doubt is simply a By-Product of the problem, not the problem.  I believe that the devil’s greatest weapon is FEAR! 

Why would I say that?  It is because “fearful people” frequently make irrational decisions.  They can only see the problem (perceived or real).  They can only see the danger or the potential danger, not the solution.  Fear causes a state of mind that is filled with “hopelessness” and “creates doubt.”  It is Impossible to walk in Faith and Fear at the same time!

            Faith has Hope                                             Fear is Hopeless

            Faith has Vision                                           Fear is Blind

            Faith Trusts                                                   Fear Doubts

            Faith has Joy                                                Fear has Depression

            Faith has Patience                                       Fear has Impatience

            Faith produces Life                                      Fear produces Death

 Therefore, it is my contention that the opposite of Faith is not Doubt but Fear!  Doubt is simply the “by-product” of fear and fear is the result of Wrong Focus!   Fear comes when we view something that we perceive to be bigger than we are and out of our control!  It boils down to a matter of where our confidence lies.  Is it in Us or in God?  Fear is rooted in “self” whereas Faith is rooted in GOD.

I will stop there and pick up tomorrow with dealing with this problemAs I depart I pray that the Lord walks with you and reveal any and all pitfalls that you will face on this day and guide you into His perfect victory for your life at this moment.

I speak Blessing and Peace to you!

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