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John 18:38 – “Pilate said to Him, “What is truth?”  NASU

When I consider this passage and examine it, a thought immediately comes into my mind.  That question is, “What is the truth according to us?”  We have heard much about a woman’s truth or their truth as juxtaposed to The Truth.  Although our truth or the truth as we see it, understand it, believe it may or may not be The Truth, it is still what we believe.  If ‘our truth’ is not The Truth our belief in what we believe makes it difficult if not impossible to see The Truth.

I see this as a tool of the devil to deceive and imprison people in their own minds and thereby prevent them from the freedom that is afforded in God’s Truth or The Truth.  Jesus spoke incredibly powerful and liberating words in John 8:32, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  The freedom that is in Truth is one of the most liberating forces on Earth.

Jesus had been brought before Pilate by the Sanhedrin and the Jewish Orthodoxy of His day.  He was challenging their truth (religion).  Those in power were far more interested in protecting their position, place, and power if not their purse than they were about finding Truth.  Their man-made regulations had replaced the veracity of Scripture and they had long ceased searching for the Truth that Jesus spoke of in John 8 or anywhere else.  Truth, to them, was what they believed.  Their doctrine was truth and anything that challenged or questioned their beliefs was deemed demonic and to be destroyed.

Many cannot fathom the reality that we ‘know in part’ and none of us, individually, has full knowledge or revelation of All Truth.  They see their doctrinal views as being complete.  They believe that if you do not ascribe to their brand of Christianity you are outside the family of God or are second-class Christians, at best.  That is tragic because we are taught in Scripture that we (individual Christians) are members together forming the Body of Christ.  We need each other and just as the natural body cannot function as it is designed without the other members of the body.  The hand needs the foot, and the mouth needs the lungs.  The eye needs the ear and the lungs need the heart.  Our bodies function as designed when each individual member contributes its skill and function to the process.  That is also true in the Body of Christ.

None of us are at the same level of spiritual development and understanding.  As I’ve said before, “We are not at the same level of light.”  By that, I mean we are not at the same maturity or understanding.  That is why if I can incorporate what you understand with what I understand and you with me we both are stronger.  Truth is like a diamond.  It cannot be fully comprehended by viewing it from one side.  As you move around the diamond you discover different facets and if taken separately each facet of dimension becomes The Truth but it isn’t, it is a part.  However, if we view the diamond from above we can observe all the sides and have a full appreciation of the diamond.  That’s how it is with Truth, we need a heavenly perspective to fully understand.  That is also why we are ever learning and always growing and developing in our Christian experience.

In Scripture, we are told in John 1:1 that Jesus is the Word of God the incarnate living word of God.  In John 17:17 the prayer of Jesus reveals that God’s Word is Truth, therefore, the answer to Pilate’s question is Truth is Jesus and/or God’s Word.  However, the question we should be asking is “What is truth according to us?”  Are we aligned with God’s Truth and are we willing to relinquish our grip on what we believe to be truth when He expands our understanding and exposes any deficiencies in ‘our truth?’

My simple prayer is, “LORD, help me to be a seeker of truth.”  The longer I live and walk with my Lord Jesus Christ the more I realize that I do not know everything and often feel like I do not know anything.  I have learned a lot in my almost 50 years of ministry but with each passing day and each divine appointment and encounter, I realize how much larger than I His Truth really is.

So, I ask you to ask yourselves, “What is Your Truth?”  If you are required to define your truth to your neighbor or anyone, what picture do they receive?  May we never be so arrogant or prideful that we believe that only our truth is The Truth and the Complete Truth.  May we be like sponges and growing plants always longing for more.  I believe a truth revealed in the parables is apropos here.  In Luke 12:48 we find a powerful revelation that “to whom much is given, much is required.”  Also in Matthew 13:12 we find that “whoever has more will be given.”  Most of the time we equate that to money or talents but could it not apply to knowledge and the understanding of truth?

May God help you become a diligent seeker of His Truth!   I pray that your day will be filled with His wonder and your mind filled with His truth.  God bless you!

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