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Luke 6:31 – “Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.”  NASU

Wait, Roy, your title is “The Christian Farmer” and your text speaks of treating others the way you want them to treat you, is that consistent?  Absolutely, for it speaks of reciprocity or sowing and reaping and that is exactly what a farmer does.  He sows to reap and reaps to sow.  It is a continuous cycle and labor.  If we want a continual harvest, we must have a continual time of planting.  In the natural, there are seasons between planting time and harvest time, but the process is continual.  Each year the farmer prepares the soil and plants his seed with expectation.  Each year the farmer reaps his harvest and from that harvest provides for himself and gains new seed for planting the next year’s crop.

In the life of a believer, there must be sowing in order to have reaping.  The text addresses human relationships and the directive is unmistakable.  If we take the text in the context we discover some incredibly powerful directives and some dire warnings.  Jesus instructed that we are to LOVE our enemies.  We are to DO GOOD to those that hate us.  We are to BLESS those that curse us and take the high road when they attack us and rather than fight back we turn the other cheek.  Then we have this verse inserted between those directives and then his clarifications in the following verses.  If we LOVE those that love us, we have done nothing to exhibit Christian character and Christ to the world.  That’s what the world does and there would be no distinguishing marks between us and them, so why accept our message?  However, if we demonstrate LOVE toward our enemies, doing good to those who seek our harm, lending expecting nothing in return or demonstrating generosity we show a distinct difference between us and them.  Jesus said that this would be an identifier and as we remember his words, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me” we can rejoice.  Yes, that passage was speaking of His crucifixion, but can it not be applied to lifting Him up through a display of His love and character to others?  YES, it can and YES it does!

A farmer is required to prepare his soil if he is to have a proper place to plant good seed and expect to reap a harvest.  A Christian must prepare his heart so that the Love of God can be shed abroad in it and that love can be exhibited and demonstrated before the world so as to produce a harvest.  The apostle Paul told us that we are ‘epistles known and read of men.’  The old saying, “You are the only Bible some people will ever read” should be always in the forefront of our minds as we deal with others.  It is not just the person we are dealing with directly that is affected but those that watch and hear of what we do.

Do you want people to be understanding of you, then sow understanding!  If you want people to be patient with you, then sow patience!  If you want people to come to your aid, then go to the aid of those in need!  In verse 38 of this chapter we find, “Give, and it will be given to you.  They will pour into your lap a good measure – pressed down, shaken together, and running over.  For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.”   Most of the time, we attribute the return as coming from God but who does it say will pour into your laps?  MEN!  Other people will respond to you in the way you respond to them.  You sow to your need and your desire and the harvest is IN KIND. 

Let me add one little addendum to this.  What if the person you are kind to is so hard of heart they ignore what you have done?  Will you still receive a harvest?  Yes, God will touch the hearts of others who observed your sowing and sow back to you.  In the Law of Harvest, we need to remind ourselves, of these things: You Reap WHAT you Sow, MORE than you Sow, and LATER than you Sow.  There is a growing time and an interval between the sowing and the reaping.  What you are reaping today may have been sown years before because, in life, unlike in the natural time is not a factor to determine the ripening of the crop, God’s timing is.

Let me conclude by saying, “You are Sowing.”  That is an absolute fact and reality.  You are Sowing!  What you are sowing, may not be what you want to reap but YOU WILL REAP, and the harvest will be in kind of what you have sown.  Therefore, look at your harvest or what is happening in your life and if it is not what you wish would be happening, especially in human relationships – Consider your Sowing and set your heart to Sow Seeds into others that will produce what you wish for yourself.   Simply, begin treating others the same way you want to be treated – ALL THE TIME!

God bless you as you enjoy this wonderful day in Jesus!

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