Spiritual Blog - Footmen

Jeremiah 12:5 – “If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you, Then how can you contend with horses? And if in the land of peace, In which you trusted, they wearied you, Then how will you do in the floodplain of the Jordan?” NKJV


The Lord has been stirring my nest over the condition of the present world, our nation, the church, and individual Christians or professing believers.  In America, although our liberties are under assault and the Church and Christianity are in the cross-hairs of those who would reduce or freedoms and restrict our ability to worship our God we still have freedom compared too much of the world.  It may and likely will get worse, much worse in the coming days and that should be no surprise for the Bible predicted it and forewarned us of its coming.

The Lord continually brings this passage to mind when I meditate on the Word, Life our present World, and the Church.  It keeps coming up in my prayer time and as I listen to what my heart is telling me through the Holy Spirit I am troubled.  The question that I keep hearing is – “If you can’t serve God with a whole heart now, what about then?”  If in relative peace we are wearied and lose heart how will we react when everything hits the fan?

Footmen refer to the smallest of evils or the little things.  If they cause us to have bitter complaints and grow weary in the warfare what will we do when the big stuff comes as is depicted in horses?  The footmen refer to the common everyday trials and difficulties of life whereas the horses refer to the exponential escalation of evil coming against us and our world.  If, in a land of peace, we are wearied by evil what will we do when the floodgates of hell open and the devil spews his venom out upon this world as we know is coming?

Let me use an occurrence that may seem totally unrelated but I believe helps to say what I’m trying to convey:  Years ago I had a man tell me regarding “giving” that since he was barely making ends meet he could not contribute to the church but if he had more money he could and would.  I knew that philosophy well and knew the falseness and deception that lay at its core but I let it pass.  In about six months his financial fortunes turned dramatically and his income almost doubled.  What about his contributions?  They stayed the same – ZERO!  I decided to discuss it with him and reminded him of what he said previously and this time he said, “Well I have to set aside funds in case things change again so once I have a nest-egg sufficient to care for my family I will begin giving.”  After a year in a gathering he was bragging to several other people about the amount of money he had set aside and how that even if he stopped earning a dime he and his family could continue their lifestyle for at least two years and now he was planning to begin buying some of the luxuries he had always wanted.  He saw me standing there and said, “Preacher, I will increase my giving once I’ve upgraded my house and my car.”  Did he increase his giving – NO!

What I’m saying is that if you can’t give when you are poor you won’t give when you are rich.  If you can’t serve God when things are relatively easy you won’t serve God when things get rough.  You will more likely shake your fist at Him saying – “WHY ME?”  When there is ease is the time to establish your faith and fellowship so that when difficult times come you are not easily shaken.  Horses are coming!  They may be much sooner than any of us think but THEY ARE COMING!

May God bless you as you go through your day!