THE BLESSING – Part V – – “The Word of Blessing”

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Numbers 6:22-27 – – “And the LORD spoke to Moses, saying: 23 “Speak to Aaron and his sons, saying, ‘This is the way you shall bless the children of Israel. Say to them:  24 “The LORD bless you and keep you; 25 The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; 26 The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”‘ 27 “So they shall put My name on the children of Israel, and I will bless them.”  NKJV


Picking up where we left off yesterday we will continue looking at THE BLESSING connected to speaking it to another.  THE BLESSING was always given with a WORD!  It is sometimes translated or understood as speaking of a Good Word.   Therefore, to BLESS is to speak a Good Word!  That is the picture of Numbers Six.  The Priest after the Morning Sacrifice would hold up his hands before the people and give THE BLESSING!

That was a spoken word, and I say that to emphasize that it is not just a wish or an attitude or a ritual.  I cannot BLESS you with a wish!  I cannot BLESS you through a ritual or form. NO! NO!  It is “always” a premeditated word!


I’ve thought about it!  I’ve considered you!  You are a worthy, significant person, a person of great value.  Inside I acknowledge that I am “bowing”.   I am going to “speak” this word and I have weighed it carefully.  I know what I am saying.  I say it out of the depths of my heart.  I now release it through my lips and speak it!  And, I speak it with “emphasis” and “understanding”.  I am, in a very real sense, TRANSMITTING something to you in words!  I speak to you a Good Word!

In the Bible – – I know this is not consistent with most Western thinking, but we need to understand this because we are the People that belong to the Bible.  In the Bible, it was ALWAYS looked upon as something TANGIBLE!  When those words came out of their mouths something of substance was released.  When you say, “I Bless You” in the biblical sense of the word – – SOMETHING HAPPENS!

LITERALLY in the Spirit Realm there is going forth from me… not empty words, but a real power of God attending to those words to bring to pass the intent of the words I have spoken.  IT IS VERY REAL!  That is difficult for most of us to “wrap our minds” around but if you will study it you will understand and it will release something in you that is liberating and powerful!

N O T E:

A Blessed Person is someone who has received a “Good Word” and that “Good Word” attended by the “Power of God” will bring you to the goal of that Word!


Remember Esau – – When he did not get “Blessed” by his father as expected.  He went to his father in tears.  Obviously, this wasn’t just dear old dad saying:  “Well, God Bless You Son.”  He goes in tears “begging” his father:  “Don’t you have another Blessing for me?”  Isaac said:  “I’m sorry….”  If it were just “words”, “ritual”, “routine”, or “expressions”, Isaac would have said something to him but it was much more than that so HE COULD NOT!

DO YOU FOLLOW THAT?  This is not something to “trifle” with.  It is not just “words” to be loosely thrown around.  ISAAC actually “transmitted” something to JACOB in THE BLESSING!  His words were attended by the “Power of God.”  It is being brought to pass by the Power and Energy of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, BLESSING is far more than an empty wish.  In fact, in the New Testament, I hear the idea echoed in Philippians 2:12-13 –For it is God who works within you, both to will and do of His Good Pleasure.”

The word, “do” or “work” is ENERGIA!  It is the very energy, the stimulation of God Himself.  It is GOD who “energizes” within you both to “will” and “energize” His Good Pleasure.  I HOPE YOU GET THIS!!!  God didn’t just speak the Gospel to Us.  It is a GOOD WORD that comes with the Power of God, and He, in His “energy” shall carry it to its fulfillment – – THE BLESSING!

DO YOU SEE IT?  Once God has started His Work!  Once a Blessing has been given it cannot be stopped by man or hell.  Only God can stop it!  He gave it, man is simply the channel or vehicle – – But God is the source and the only one that can see it through to completion or stop it!  So as you speak “words of Blessing” NEVER speak them lightly or casually, they are words of Power and Energy of God!  To be given at His direction and to whom He has chosen to thus BLESS!

As you enjoy your week know that you are People of the Bible and in the Bible, it is revealed that it is God’s desire to BLESS HIS PEOPLE!  And, you are “His People”.  May you walk in the abundant fullness of His Blessing every day of your lives!  We have to stop here and pick up tomorrow.  We will look at some examples and take this another step forward.  Hopefully, this is of blessing and benefit to you.  If it is let me know and we will continue!

God Bless You is my genuine desire and prayer!

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