THE BLESSING – (Continued)…

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Numbers 6:24-26 – “The LORD bless you and keep you; 25 The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; 26 The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”‘  NKJV


This is one of the most powerful passages in the Bible!  When it was spoken upon the people by the priest it was spoken with anticipation of action on the part of God.  It wasn’t worded, as too many Christians use the words “Bless You” without truly anticipating the active participation and action of the Lord.  This was a blessing spoken with the full anticipation that God would, in fact, perform His word and act in a positive manner as this was spoken.  It was spoken in “faith” and “anticipation” that the Holy Spirit would immediately, continually, and actively move to bring it to pass in the lives of those to whom it was spoken.

Sadly, too many in the Christian realm use the words “bless you” without real thought given to it.  We ask people, “How are you doing?” without really wanting to know.  It is something we have grown accustomed to saying, but not so for those speaking these words and those hearing these words.  They fully believed that there was a release of power from God Himself when these words were spoken.

Consider what is being said:

  1. The LORD bless you and keep you. Not just anybody but GOD Himself.  He is the blesser.  He is the only one that can truly initiate a blessing and from Him all blessings flow.  So this is a word spoken to bring enrichment into the lives of the hearers and is, in fact, a prayer as well as a declaration.
  2. The LORD make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you. Again, GOD Himself turning His face toward the hearers and shining upon them.  The picture would be that of a parent who is so proud of their children that their face is literally beaming with pride and joy.  The desire is that God would not only be pleased with His children but extend to them His abundant Grace which is more than unmerited favor it is enduement with the power to accomplish His purposes and deal with whatever situation they are encountering.
  3. The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you Peace. GOD Himself looking for you in the crowd.  God’s eyes run to and fro throughout the whole earth desiring to show Himself strong on behalf of His children.  This is the desire here.  Further that He would grant them “Shalom” more than peace but power. 

This is not a casual benediction for a church service but a desire for GOD to move actively on the behalf of the hearer and bring His entire person into their lives and situation.  It is invoking the name of the LORD upon them and all that He is!  It is calling the Divine into the present and expecting the miracles of GOD to be released upon His people.  The saddest thought that a Hebrew could have would be that there would be nobody to say these words to him or her.  So, when I say “The Lord Bless You” I am not saying words, I am expecting GOD to actively move on your behalf and do WHATEVER is needed to bring you that which you need at that moment in time!  It is spoken as a declaration but even more as a prayer that the LORD bring all heaven into your situation and do whatever is required to guide you, guard you, and bring grace to you.  So I conclude by saying “The LORD Bless you richly on this day!”

May this day find you basking in the warmth of His Love and Favor.  Have a Fantastic Sunday in Him!

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