Spiritual Blog - Faithfulness

2 Timothy – 2:1-2 – “You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. 2 The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”  NASU


In studying Scripture I have discovered and considered the aspects of what Paul was telling his son in the faith, Timothy.  The charge was for Timothy to find, teach, train, and impart that which was in his heart, received from the Holy Spirit through the apostle Paul.  This was critical to the founding and grounding of the New Testament Church.

There are Three Critical Areas in which Faithfulness is Key:

  1. Faithfulness to God is Absolutely Essential.
  2. Faithfulness in Relationships is Vital.
  3. Faithfulness in Service is Indispensable.


This needs little examination and discussion.  Most would readily acknowledge the need and essentialness of God’s Faithfulness to us and our Faithfulness to Him.  However, if we are genuinely faithful to God it will be manifest in the other areas or dimensions as well.


This is an area that most Christians do not work on and need to give more attention to!  Remember Timothy’s mistake or potential mistake – ‘Choosing people who were possibly qualified and influential but UNFAITHFUL.’


This is absolutely indispensable!  We must learn to be SERVANTS.  We must learn and become willing to do what is asked when it is asked and how it is asked even when the flesh rises up and resists or the ego says that is beneath me.  Even when your ego raises its ugly head and declares that is not using my gifts or abilities to the fullest.  Even when you feel that you are not appreciated and recognized as you should be.

God’s way is to first ‘make the man’ then He ‘releases the ministry’.  Tragically, the Church has gotten the cart before the horse too often.  We recognize ‘gifts’, ‘charisma’, ‘talent’, and ‘ability’ and immediately SEND FORTH into ministry!


In my opinion, I was released wrongly but over time God taught me the necessity and importance of SERVING.  I was sent out almost immediately because people could see the hand of God on me and God gifted me with passion and ability to convey the message.   The desire of my heart was GO OUT!  I should have been sitting under wise tutelage, nurtured and trained but within weeks of my conversion, I was sent out.  I saw this in Bible College and have observed it in my almost 50 years of ministry.  We too often run before we are fully ready to run.

When someone is called or God uses them in some degree or measure of success and instills a vision in their hearts along with His promise.  As a result, they have the mistaken idea that they immediately should be released to pursue that vision but they are not ready.

  • They are overcome with the VISION.
  • They expect to be RECOGNIZED.
  • They become more SPIRITUAL than anyone.
  • They make sure everyone knows they are ANOINTED, APPOINTED, CALLED, and COMMISSIONED.
  • They demonstrate an inability or unwillingness to listen to others without a CRITICAL ATTITUDE believing in their hearts they could do a better job or they just know better.

 They have not learned one of the key traits required for LEADERSHIP which is SERVANTHOOD.  If we do not learn how to SERVE we are not qualified to LEAD.

God bless you as you go through your day!