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Ezekiel 22:30 – “I searched for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for the land, so that I would not destroy it; but I found no one.”  NASU

The Lord asked me the question found in the text recently.  I asked, “Are you looking for ONE MAN/WOMAN or do you need or want many?”  He said, “I AM LOOKING FOR ONE, but desire MANY.”  My heart told me to inquire further and find out more details as to what it would mean to “stand in the gap” for the Lord and determine if I could count on myself to be that volunteer.  Of course, counting on myself, only meant “would I have the commitment and determination” not that I could somehow do it in my own strength because that is an obvious fallacy.  Without Him, I can do nothing!  Without Him, I’d surely fail.  Without Him, My life would be hopeless.  Like a ship without a sail.  But “with Him, in Him, and through Him, I can do ALL THINGS.”

In a battle line, to stand in the gap means that you may face incredible odds and may be required to give your life to protect those within the perimeter.  You are the first face the enemy sees when it launches its attack.  You are likely the first to become a casualty of war.  You will be called on to “continually stay alert” often with little to no rest.  You will not be able to “take a day off” from your duties of being a “watchman on the wall.”  You will have to brave the elements, the enemy forces, the barrage of missiles launched from behind enemy lines, and the lies that attack from without.  You will have to resist the temptation to feel that you are the only one and that the cause is hopeless because sometimes you will find that you see NO ONE on the battlefield with you.  Your only source of strength, hope, and comfort is the Lord’s presence through His Holy Spirit.  That is powerful and enough but the “gap stander” occupies a lonely place and one that gets little, if any, recognition or thanks.  It is a commitment to do whatever it takes to defend that which you have committed to defending.

I felt that the Lord was asking on two fronts for someone to “STAND IN THE GAP”.  One front was the “spiritual” – Standing against the unending onslaught of demonic forces launched out of hell on mankind.  Standing against complacency in the Church and standing for revival, renewal, and restoration!  It is the task of an “intercessor” who will “pray without ceasing” and “keep watch” by night and day to give warning and to bring the weapons of God into play in the battle through the vehicle of prayer.  The other front was “natural” – I would say political but let’s just say “natural” or “human”.  We are in a battle not only in America for the restoration of our nation but the world is at stake.  If we are not ready to give up the battle and concede souls to the enemy then it is a call to each of us to ‘STAND IN THE GAP’ and intercede for God to move and bring about restoration so that we have a continuing base to launch out into the deep and bring in the harvest of souls for the Kingdom.

I felt that the Lord was also telling me to revisit my willingness to go out in a more expanded role than I have in the past few years.  To accept more invitations to go to churches and tell them what I am hearing the Lord speak to my heart.  To accept invitations to more conferences to share what I am seeing in my spirit about the days in which we live.  To become more involved in both the spiritual and natural scenes to effect His purposes on both fronts even more than I have.  Then, I humbly cried to the Lord, “Here I am, send me.”  I volunteered!  I am now asking, will you consider volunteering too so that we have multiplied thousands standing in the gap and making up the hedge to bring about Revival, Renewal, and Restoration to this land and this world?

May God be with you as you continue your journey through this temporary thing we call Earthly Life.  Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King!  Blessings!


  1. Roy, I too have volunteered. I stand in the gap and have for many years. I now tell others, I used to pray to a God I didn’t know about a people I didn’t understand. Today I know My Father, for He is a Father to the fatherless. I’m somewhat sorry for the pain, insecurity, and low self esteem, I suffered as a girl who’s dad choose to not be a part of my life. I am however, forever grateful for the longing and the void caused by this. To hear Him say, ask Me, “I’ll be your Father” was a mighty game changer in my life. It revolutionized my entire life and how I saw myself. Jesus ushered me straight in to The Fathers arms. Thank you for your service to the Lords call.
    Several weeks ago, I was praying and heard what I thought was, “what you need is a sincere revival.” Just as I was about to agree with Holy Spirit, I heard distinctly, NO, “you need a sin searing revival.” I said, “yes, yes yes, Lord.”
    I am believing for a revival where hearts are pure and tender and are so pierced, they ask, just like in Acts, what must we do?
    A poem was born out Holy Spirit speaking this to me. We need a sin searing revival to march across our
    Thank you for your article as we, and many others stand in the gap. 🎚Blessings.


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