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Proverbs 16:3 – “Commit your works to the LORD, And your thoughts will be established.” NKJV

I have studied and meditated upon this passage for a long time and pondered it in my heart.  Let me share something that I see here and this is by no means a statement that it is the exhaustive interpretation of the passage but something that I believe the Holy Spirit quickened to me for me and I share it with you.  Should he quicken it to you then take it for yourself.

If I commit my works, labors, efforts, and plans to the Lord He will establish, root and ground my thoughts in right things.  What does that mean?  Well, one thing that the Spirit quickened to my heart for me was that my thinking gets off track because I am focusing on what “I plan to do” albeit for the Kingdom but it is still “What I plan to do or am doing.”  The plan, the work, the effort originated with me so if my thinking is not on track spiritually it is because I have failed to “seek Him first and foremost” regarding the task at hand!  Frequently it is, I saw a need, had a desire and being a person of action moved forward to do something about it.  It might be noble in itself and even praiseworthy for the most part but if it was not ordered of the Lord, IT IS NOT what needs to be done (at least not by me at this point in time).  So, if I commit my WORKS to the Lord, my THOUGHTS have to become aligned with His THOUGHTS and therefore as I think His thoughts I know, through the Holy Spirit and His Word what He desires for the moment and my thought life becomes “established” resulting in my “works” succeeding because they are ORDERED OF THE LORD!

Too often, I have pursued a good cause without adequately consulting the Lord.  It might have been prompted by pressure from the Church, peers, my desire to see the need met or any number of other things but the TIMING WAS WRONG because the THINKING WAS WRONG.  My thoughts had not been brought “captive” to the obedience of Christ.  They were not sinful thoughts or even bad thoughts but not established thoughts.  They were self-inspired thoughts and that misaligns my relationship with God.  It must always be God as the center of my universe.  It cannot be me as the center.  He will not affirm your desires to make you feel good about what you are doing, but He will “order your steps” when you seek Him first and foremost.

Therefore, before you launch out on that new project or ministry “commit” it to the Lord.  Take it to prayer and seek His face regarding the matter and as your thoughts are established you will find either “peace” to proceed” or a “check” in your spirit and know that you need to more diligently seek Him.  Doing what He desires, when He desires it, the way He desires it is the most important thing – – We are human beings, not just human doings.  It is more important to do WHAT He desires than to just do something because you deem it to be GOOD, NOBLE, and WORTHY.  You just might not be the person to do the task, but one of those assigned to intercede for it.

May the Lord Bless you as you continue your week in His glorious Kingdom!

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