Spiritual Blog - Light

Psalms 119:105 – “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” NASU

What an absolutely beautiful beginning to a new day here in Texas.  The sun has not yet peaked its head fully over the horizon so as I drink my coffee, meditate on God’s goodness, and read His wonderful Word, I am at peace.  The following event came to mind with insight from the Lord.

When I was about 9 years old, my family and my mother’s sister & brother’s families all went to the creek fishing and spent the day and for some reason, everyone stayed to run the lines that had been set, that night.  Imagine if you will, 3 husbands, 3 wives and about 10+ kids all walking along a creek bank on a hot summer night. There were not enough flashlights or lanterns, so some walked in the dark. One of my uncles decided he would lead the way and we got lost.  He was carrying an old kerosene lantern and it gave good light to the immediate area around your feet but not to the path ahead.  Although he was born in the country he had lived in Houston for many decades and was certainly no longer a country boy but stubborn and determined. Finally, after about an hour of going in circles and coming back to the same place on the creek he declared that the creek was flowing the wrong direction. Even, at 9 I thought, that’s not possible, and wondered why we didn’t just follow the creek?  He argued that he knew the way and why my dad allowed him to lead, I still don’t know, but he did.  The wives and some of the children began to panic and the wives began to say: “let’s just wait until daylight and then we can get out of here.” But, no we walked and walked and walked and walked mostly around in circles for hours. The kids knew better than to complain but with the light situation there was the occasional tree limb that would be pulled back and then let go smacking someone in the face or chest and a yelp, but no whining.  Through that event and others, I learned to read the stars, the terrain and have a keen sense of my surroundings that proved valuable later in Vietnam and at other times in life.

That night two things were needed: We needed more light because we had a carbide headlamp that my dad wore and the kerosene lantern that my uncle carried and little more light. We needed a better guide, one who could read the stars, knew the terrain and wasn’t so headstrong that they would insist and believe that the creek had somehow started flowing in the wrong direction.  When we finally came upon a landmark that we recognized, we realized that we had been only a few hundred yards from camp the entire time and had we followed the creek in the beginning we’d have made it safely back to camp hours earlier without all the frustration, confusion and even fear in the hearts of some of the wives and children.

In life, we need a light that will clearly show where we are placing our feet and a light that will reveal the entire pathway ahead.  That light is the Word of God.  If we have the Word of God filling our hearts and minds and we walk according to that Word, we do not have to fear because we walk in the light even in the darkness. We see the pitfalls, the turns, the possible dangers and the guiding landmarks!  Thank you, Lord, for your Word that gives us light to enable us to see!  As you walk through your day and even your darkest hours always trust the light of the word to give you a clear picture of the path. Remember God’s promise that He will NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE US!

Blessings as you enjoy this Monday!