THE ONE THING THAT IS CERTAIN in a World of Uncertainty…..

Spiritual Blog - God Is Certain

Matthew 24:35 – “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.”  NKJV

            There is not much certainty in this world in which we live.  We do not know what a day holds or what the morrow will bring.  We have only the ability to look through a glass darkly and can only see the beginning from the end.  We know in hindsight but do not have the absolute foresight to know the certainties of the future or even the uncertainties.  We are limited creatures living in a temporal world that is passing away.  From the moment we are born we begin the process of dying and everything between the cradle and the grave is a veiled mystery for the most part.  People change, circumstances change, conditions change and we are left wondering what happened as often as we walk in the certainty of how something will turn out.

            Yet in the midst of all the uncertainty, we have a declaration and promise from our Lord here in Matthew 24 that is ROCK SOLID and ABSOLUTE.  He declared that the one absolute certainty is that HIS WORDS WILL NOT FAIL.  If He has declared it you can take it to the bank, set your watch by it, and stake your life on it – – IT IS ABSOLUTE!  Oh, I know that there are those who would argue that but argue as you may I believe it to be the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

            I have in my heart promises that I know God has made to me in times of prayer and meditation upon Him and His Word and I know that He will move Heaven and Earth if necessary to bring them about.  He gave me some promises when my children were born that looked for the longest as though they would not be realities and today they are.  When I was diagnosed with parathyroid cancer the Holy Spirit whispered to my inner man that God was not through with me yet and I would recover fully and completely and I have.  The medical doctor who did the surgery acknowledged that what took place was not his doing but came from a source higher than he.  His words were, “God did this.”

            I don’t know what is going to happen to this nation.  I don’t know what is going to happen, the rest of today or the rest of my life.  I don’t know what is going to take place in the next ten minutes but I know that God is still on the throne and still in control and will WHATEVER HE DECLARES AND HAS DECLARED IS ABSOLUTE!  I trust His Word implicitly and completely.  So as you face the uncertainties of life face them with the certainty that God’s Word is ABSOLUTELY DEPENDABLE.  

            May God be with you as you go through your day!

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