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Romans 14:12 – “So then each of us shall give account of himself to God.” NKJV

The beginning of this Chapter in Romans is so filled with important things and worthy of consideration by every believer.  We need to consider these truths and realize how critical they are to victorious living.  They are so numerous it would take a virtual lifetime to cover them all.  I have chosen to isolate this passage for the purpose of addressing the issue of PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY.  I cannot recall the last time I heard a sermon or message on that subject in church, yet it is critical to Christian living

To give a brief synopsis of the early portion of this chapter Paul begins bringing to light our responsibility to those “weak in the faith”, frequently, fledgling Christians trying to find their footing in their new life.  He gives some specific instructions:

Receive them but reject disputes, debates, and arguments over doubtful things.  We need to realize that to major in dialogue regarding things which the Bible is silent on or does not clearly define is not beneficial to spiritual growth and development.  It may be an interesting study and one that could prove valuable in the long term through individual study but open debate over these issues tends to become a hindrance to faith and truth and should be avoided.

Example:  What you can eat as is discussed in verses 2-4.  What day you should worship on as discussed in verses 5-6.  Paul reminds us that none of us live in a vacuum and that our lives affect other people and our lives are a reflection upon the Lord Himself, so we should avoid these kinds of open debates and judgments which often led to divisions and separations rather than mutual sharing and encouragement.

Verse 11 is particularly important:

“As I live, says the LORD, Every knee shall bow to Me, And every tongue shall confess to God.”

Thus, Paul tells us that in light of all this we should remember that each of us shall give an account of HIMSELF to God.  He further encourages us that we should not judge each other but seek agreement and mutual sharing of the faith rather than put or become, a stumbling block to cause another to fall or hindered.  As we mature in the faith we realize that we should not look to or at other people but look to the Lord.  If we compare ourselves among ourselves we are not wise and will either become Pharisees or will develop a false sense of piety rather than a realization of our own individual responsibility for our lives and actions and that we will ultimately stand in accountability before the Lord.

Notice he says, “Each of us shall give account of HIMSELF to God.”  He did not say, “Each of us shall give account of OTHERS to God.”  You and I may differ on some things theologically and that is okay.  We may differ on some things regarding eschatology and that is okay.  I heard a preacher say ones, “Some are Pre-Trib, some are Mid-Trib, some are Post-Trib, but I’m Pan-Trib.”  He explained what he meant by saying, “I believe it will all pan out in the end regarding the coming of the Lord.”  I believe he is right in that reality, but that does not mean we should not study the prophecies of God.  I have a particular view but that does not mean it is etched in granite and that there is not a possibility that I am wrong.  My core and foundational belief is that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God and that He died on the Cross for my sins, rose for the dead and is now seated at the right hand of the Father making intercession for me and is returning as He said so that I can spend eternity with Him in Heaven.  That is etched in stone for me!  I believe that in confessing my sins and believing in Him He has extended grace to me that brought about the new birth (Salvation) and I have been transformed from darkness into light.  That is etched in stone for me!  I believe that I am personally accountable for my actions, words, and attitudes and will give account before God for me.  You will give account for you; therefore instead of fretting over theological disagreements that are, in my view, minor, we should be focused on pleasing the Lord in our lives and giving others an example of Christianity that draws to the Savior.

So my, plea is for each of us to focus on our personal accountabilities and seek to help others but rather than judging them, encourage them in both our lives and with our love.  Educate them in truth whenever possible but always with an open mind and heart knowing that we see in part and look through a glass darkly while walking in these human temples.  So as you go through your day consider your actions, words, and deeds and know that you are accountable for you!  May God’s best be yours on this day!


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