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Genesis 1:1 – “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  NASU

 As we begin 2018 it is my firm conviction that we should begin at the beginning and move forward, from a solid and sure foundation.  Too often we try to plug in somewhere rather than begin at the beginning.  Some will attempt to begin in the middle and have no history or foundation for the past, fail to understand the present and miss the future.  Some want to go to the end and see how it turns out with no foundation, experience, or history to lead them to that point of ultimate culmination.  I believe that it is imperative that we ‘begin at the beginning’ and lay a proper foundation that is anchored in God’s Truth.

How did it all begin?  Genesis Chapter One, Verse One tells us that it began with GOD.  God the creator created the ‘heavens and the earth’.  I believe that the first twelve chapters of the Book of Genesis are foundationally critical to any understanding of the rest of the Old Testament and any of the New.  I consider Genesis the ‘seed book’ of the Bible and know that God is systematic and orderly in His presentation and progression and therefore fully believe that He gave us a clear guide or basis of information here in the beginning of the most important book that any of us will ever read.

If you begin with a ‘Big Bang’ you will not and cannot see God as the creator because you are a believer in ‘random chance’ for the explanation of the entirety of creation and the existence of man.  That would be, to me, like taking a few railroad cars of printers type, a shovel and scooping them up throwing them into the air and expecting a novel of epic proportions to come forth.  It would be like taking the pieces of a watch and placing them in a bag shaking them up and expecting a finely tuned precision timepiece to be the result.  Scientist cannot explain the complexities of man’s nervous system with the miles of blood vessels, nerves, etc.  Design implies a designer and it would take far more ‘faith’ for me to believe the theory of evolution, the big bang, or some other theory other than that “In the beginning God created….”

I believe that if we begin at a wrong starting point and from a wrong premise we will arrive at a wrong destination and if we begin anywhere other than “In the beginning God….” We begin wrong and will come to a wrong conclusion.  If you want me to explain everything about God you are asking the wrong person and frankly I do not believe you will ever find a human that can fill that request.  But let’s turn the tables and you explain to me the complexities of the human body, the universe and its operation and life in general.  Oh, I’m sorry I asked a very difficult question and plainly declare that what you believe you believe based on what you have been taught and your willingness or unwillingness to consider the Bible’s account.  Your scientific evidence is not evidence but theoretical postulations from the likes of Charles Darwin and others and you ignore the holes in the theories and still cling to them because it makes you feel secure not having to acknowledge the existence and power of God because that would make you accountable to Him.  I do not mean you as inclusive of all who read this for I doubt that many who read this believe that and most are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

So, as you begin this New Year make a commitment to go back to the beginning and begin there with God as the starting point of your life.  It does not matter where you are in your journey from the cradle to the grave going back to review the foundation is never a bad thing.

May God be with you as you go through your day!

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