Twilight and Midnight Christmas

Spiritual Blog - Poem

When we are young and life is like a flowering tree

We think only of the moment, what’s in it for me.

Christmas is a time of anticipation,

Youthful joy and expectation.

What will we get?  What can we do?

It’s all about me and little about you.

Then in our teens, those rebellious years

We bring to our parents both joy and tears.

Christmas is a time of anticipation

Youthful joy and expectation.

Why can’t I go off with my friends and see

What this world can offer me?

Then as young adults with children of our own

We now are parents and the worries to us belong.

Christmas is a time of our children’s anticipation

Waiting to see if we fulfilled their expectation.

If you fail, this will you hear, “But I wanted the latest and hottest fad

I didn’t get it now I am mad.”

Then come the twilight tears

You are alone to face all your fears.

Children and grandchildren now grown, with families of their own

It’s Christmas and you are alone.

Forgotten it seems with no one to share

Life’s little joys for no one to care.

Remember this in your Christmas of Twilight

As you turn inward and are filled with the darkness of night.

It’s not the specific day that makes is so dear

It’s not even the time of the year.

It’s that your family has set one day aside

To join you and celebrate there by your side.


©  Roy Beaird 1999



As you celebrate Christmas Day I urge you to remember the reason for the season and rejoice in the Gift of God to mankind in the Birth of Jesus Christ.  I urge you to remember His life and His sacrificial death on the Cross for you and me.  I urge you to remember His resurrection, ascension to the Throne of God, and His promise to return.   Remember Jesus…. Remember Christ this Christmas and allow the Joy of the Lord to flood your heart much as the Shepherds on the night of the Angelic Proclamation while they were tending flocks in the field.

God bless you and may you have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a splendidly HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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