Spiritual Blog - Battle

Luke 21:7-36…  Key Verse: 26 – FEAR.

             I believe in Covenant in every dimension of life.  I believe in Covenant Relationships, Covenant Marriage, Covenant Business, and Covenant with God.  The Bible is filled with various Covenants and aspects of Covenants and it would be impossible to conduct a cursory reading of Scripture and not see Covenant, the blessing, and curse thereof.  If Covenant is such a major part of Scripture surely it is important enough for us to consider and pursue, in our walk with God.

However, it is my contention that before we can look at Covenant, which is a 12-18-month study at a minimum but in reality, is a lifetime adventure and journey.  Covenant is far too great a topic to tackle in a short devotional so my hope is to whet your appetite and encourage you to become a diligent student of the Word of God in this an all areas.  Covenant is at the Heart of God for His people and KEY to our BECOMING what He is coming back for, a GLORIOUS CHURCH, without spot or wrinkle, walking in the fullness of His Victory.  We are COMPLETE in Him and without Him, we can do nothing.  It is Christ IN US that is the Hope of Glory.  If through understanding God’s Covenant(s) we can better understand God and more fully enter His Rest, is it not something that is worthy of our consideration?

In considering Covenant it is imperative that we have an understanding of what HAS happened, what IS happening, WHO we are, and the TIME(s) in which we live.  We are in, what I would call, “The Battle Before the Battle.”  I believe we are living in the most exciting and crucial time in human history, not because of politics but because of God’s timetable and Covenant(s).  If we are to be effective soldiers of the Cross we must learn to redeem the time and know the time of our visitation.

I suggest that no matter what stage you are at in your spiritual development, this is important for you personally. If you are a “babe” in Christ, a “seasoned” theologian, or a “fully matured” man or woman in Christ Covenant is important because you CANNOT WALK in the fullness of God’s Covenant and Purpose if you do not understand both the Covenant and the Foundation of that Covenant.  I do not have time to go into the elementary principles of basic Christianity but God wants us to BE ALL WE CAN BE in Him.  I know that is the U.S. Army’s slogan but it belonged to God before the Army and the Army cannot make you ALL that God wants you to be, so this is far more important to grasp and understand.

In Matthew 10:26-28, Jesus instructed His disciples regarding their mission and ministry.  He gave them authority and power and warned them of the dangers and problems that lay ahead.  He told them where the danger would come from as well as how to respond to it.  Discerning the Times is part of God’s personal covenant with each of us.  In verse 36, He said, “And a man’s enemies will be members of his own household.”  The word “household” originates from the word “oy-kos” which means family (kin) and could include the spiritual family as well as the natural.  He warns that if there is No Covenant there will be no loyalty.

We learn, in Scripture, that one of if not the greatest weapon of the devil is the creation of DOUBT.  However, if we dig deeper we learn that doubt is the by-product of the real problem and that is FEAR.  The fearful make irrational decisions.  They can only see the problem (real or perceived).  They can only see the danger or potential danger, not the solution.  FEAR creates a sense of hopelessness and convinces the heart and mind that the situation is hopeless and from that fear springs the plant of Doubt.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to walk in Faith and Fear at the same time.

Faith has Hope but Fear is Hopeless.  

           Faith has Vision but Fear is Blind.   

            Faith Trusts but Fear Doubts.

            Faith has Joy but Fear is overflowing with Depression

            Faith has Patience but Fear is Impatient

            Faith produces Life but Fear produces Death.

             Therefore, the opposite of FAITH is not DOUBT but FEAR.  Doubt is only a by-product of Fear and Fear springs from Wrong Focus.  Fear comes when we view or face something that we perceive to be bigger than we are and is beyond our control.  Most things are, but if our Focus is God and His Promises or Covenant(s) then Fear is banished and Hope springs eternal in our hearts.  The Psalmist said it powerfully, “I will look unto the hills from which comes my help.  My help comes from the Lord.”  (Psalm 121).

I realize that what I have said thus far does not seem to address Covenant or understanding of Covenant, so I ask you bear with me.  I’m talking about the Battle Before the Battle and Before we can truly and fully move into Covenant.  So, I ask that you hold this though and join me in the next devotional as we address the Problem of Fear and how we can regain control or move into the Power of the Holy Spirit enabling us to walk out of Fear and Doubt into Faith and Hope.

May the Lord richly bless you and make this day prosperous and profitable for you!