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Jeremiah 2:31a – “O generation, see the word of the LORD!”  NKJV

I believe there are exciting times ahead for the Body of Christ. What is in my heart is far more than I could deliver in one brief devotional or even several devotionals so I will attempt to condense this to a thought and present an idea that, hopefully, will resonate and benefit you.  What I hope to unveil could be considered prophetic, not eschatologically but directionally.  Let’s begin and trust the Spirit of the Lord to accomplish this objective.

The KJV and NKJV use the word SEE and that word literally means: “to behold, consider, discern, enjoy, gaze, look on, perceive, respect or to have vision.”  That, I believe is what we need today in the Church.  Joel 2:28 tells us that “…young men will SEE visions.”  It said SEE not necessarily HAVE visions or vision.  It truly could be have, but it is more than just having visions.  It is declaring that they will “behold, discern, respect, etc. GOD’S VISIONS!”  They will be able to communicate and run with those visions not just have them reside in their hearts.  I truly believe God is raising up what can only be called a “New Generation” of warriors for these last days.  Men and women who will lead the Body of Christ forth in His Revival, Renewal and Restoration prophesied in Scripture.

In John 17:15-17 we hear our Lord in a powerful and vital word for any generation but particularly for this one.  He said, “I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one.  They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.  Sanctify them by Your truth.  Your word is truth.”  Let me ask as simple but important question.  How many of Jesus’ prayers get answered?  If you said anything other than ALL OF THEM I ask you to rethink your answer.  Now, look at what He said beginning at verse 15.  His prayer was not that the Father take us out of this world.  Wow!  That means we are inescapably in this world and our purpose is to function in it.  We are here with a purpose, therefore we are not to seek ISOLATION for we are to be salt and light.  In verse 17 He prayed for our Sanctification or setting apart.  Again, that is not a desire for us to be ISOLATED and INSULATED but SET APART for His Work in the midst of the raving wolves of this world.  If you recall Matthew 16:18 you realize that Jesus is building a Church that has power over and no fear of the powers of hell.

We are the CALLED OUT but not called out in the sense of not living here but called out to be distinct from the world and world system.  We are called out of the philosophy and system of the world.  Our minds are to be different because we have renewed minds.  We are not like the world because of the Grace of God and the Work of Jesus on the Cross.  We are THE PEOPLE OF GOD and as such we emanate the Spirit of God and manifest Jesus to the world in our character, words, deeds, and attitude.  He has not called us to ISOLATE from the world but to PENETRATE the world with the truth of God’s Eternal Grace and Love.  We have a reason for being, a purpose and a destiny.  We are to walk in Love, with Power springing out of Life!

Too many want to live in their “safe haven” of strictly religious circles and inside the four walls of the local fellowship.  Unfortunately, that is not where the world is and if we are to “go into all the world” we have to leave those safe havens and our isolation and penetrate the darkness with His light.  Too many seem to suggest that “if we build it, they will come” and we are waiting for them to come to the Oasis rather than launching out where they are in the highways, byways and hedges seeking that which is lost.

I have heard Christians with the Comfort Zone, Safe Haven mentality lament, “My job is terrible.  I’m around sinners all the time.  They use profanity and speak of crude things and it just makes me feel dirty.”  Where did Jesus go?  He went to the sinners and even ate with them, which brought about the ire of the Pharisees.  If we have that mentality we will hide inside the church and our select fellowship groups and think, “Man this is great but when I’m out there in the world it is difficult.  Thank God I don’t have to go out there anymore.”  YES YOU DO!  If we are to obey His commission and be lights shining in the darkness, representing and manifesting Jesus to the world that is exactly where we have to be.  Jesus said, “Father, I do not pray that You take them out of this world but that you keep them…” 

God did not give us a spirit of fear and instead of being contaminated by the sin of the sinners infect them with righteousness.  Which is more powerful, what we have or what they have?  We are infected with Jesus and God has called to Penetrate, not Isolate.  We have been CALLED OUT to GO OUT and bring the Good News to WHOSOEVER…

I have more to share but will pause there and pick up next time with a few more thoughts on SEEING the Word of God in this hour.  God bless you richly as you go through this wonderful day He has made and go forth rejoicing!

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